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Knight’s Gym Features in The Philadelphia Daily News

TOMMIE KNIGHT, 32, of Elkins Park, a personal fitness trainer, owns Knight’s Gym, a new 5,000-square-foot facility in East Falls with a juice bar and locker rooms. Knight has trained former Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still and businesswoman Kijafa Frink (wife of former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick).

Personal fitness trainer has a new gym in East Falls

Q: How’d you get into this?

A: I was skinny in my mid-20s and decided to hit the gym and change that. I met personal fitness trainers and learned about the business. I started training friends and it grew from there. In 2010, I promoted myself on Facebook, and within a year I had my certification and about 60 clients. My first permanent location was in the basement of in Jenkintown, and a few months later I moved to my first studio space, about 1,100 square feet, in Kensington. We had outgrown that, and I found this space in October.

Q: Financing for new gym?

A: We started with about $75,000. About 80 percent was a bank loan, and the rest was personal funds.

Q: What’s the biz do?

A: We offer monthly memberships for people to use the gym and work out on state-of-the-art equipment. As for personal training, we offer private, group and boxing fitness sessions.

Q: The cost?

A: A gym membership is $24.99 per month. Group fitness is $65 for three sessions. Private fitness is $25 for 30 minutes and $50 per hour. After 12 sessions of group or private fitness, we offer a 10 percent discount. Meal plans come with that, and a nutrition coach works with me. I started boxing fitness classes for folks who want to have some fun getting in shape. Those cost $25 per person for a group of four for an hour, and a private session is $40 per hour.


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